Conference “13th International Colloids Conference”

Conference “13th International Colloids Conference”

Between 8th-12th June 2024 the Conference entitled “13th International Colloids Conference” was held in presence in Sitges, Spain.

The conference aimed to provide a forum for researchers from across the world to communicate and share the latest developments from advances in nano-science, soft matter science, catalysis, new developments in energy efficiency, energy generation and storage, nano-medicine and drug delivery, sensing and diagnostics, multi-phase flows and wetting. The 13th International Colloids Conference covers the following topics:

New materials for energy generation and storage, catalysis, separations, buildings, foods, clothing and packaging.

Advanced soft matter systems, covering functional and adaptive surfactants, polymers, gels and biocolloids.

Designed responsive and functional interfaces, surfaces, films, membranes and composites.

Bio materials, nano-medicines novel approaches to drug delivery and medical diagnostics.

New theory, novel phenomena and advanced experimental techniques.


Organizers: Elsevier.

Committee: J. Eastoe, D. Berti, M. Malmsten.

Speakers: S. Armes, S. Magdassi, P. Spicer, M. O. de la Cruz, R. von Klitzing, A. Shen, P. Bassereau, E. Bourgeat-Lami, G. Garnier, M. Reches, C. Stubenrauch, M. Bechelany, K. Edler, B. Kitchatov, J. J. Shyue, T. Zemb, L. Boinovich, Y. Feng, S. Razavi, R. Slavchov, See Program.

Contact electrification during water intrusion/extrusion into-from nanopores for self-powered pressure/temperature nanosensors and thermomechanical energy harvesting, L. Bartolomè.

Tuning wetting-dewetting thermomechanical energy for hydrophobic nanopores: Preferential intrusion, L. Bartolomè et al.