Cross-project collaboration activities

The objective of the cross-project collaboration among EPISTORE, HYSOLCHEM, LIGHT-CAP, Electro-Intrusion to exploit the added value of the complementary expertise of the research teams and their research infrastructures.

Cross-project collaboration activities are envisaged along three main action lines:

1. Joint research activities on themes of common interest

2. Organization of joint dissemination/communication events

3. Joint exploitation activities


Collaboration with Light-Cap on indium-tin oxide liquids to maximize energy conversion
Brainstorming Meeting, as planned in the D6.4 deliverable, 29th October 2021
Application for a joint symposium at the €-MRS 2022 Fall Meeting: "Breakthrough zero-emissions energy storage and conversion technologies for carbon-neutrality", 15th July 2021
Second Cross-Project Collaboration Meeting for the preparation of the D6.4 deliverable “Cross Project Collaboration Plan”, 10th May 2021
First Cross-Project Collaboration Meeting; EIC PMs participated to the meeting (online), 25th February 2021