Conference“WESC2022-Second World Energy Storage Conference”

Conference“WESC2022-Second World Energy Storage Conference”

Between 12th and 15th October 2022 the Conference entitled “WESC2022-Second World Energy Storage Conference” was held in presence (F2F).

The Conference focused on Energy storage as a key enabler for the decarbonisation of human energy systems to achieve a Net-Zero future.

The main topics were: Role, value and policy of energy storage; Life cycle analysis and sustainability of energy storage technologies; Recent advances and breakthroughs in energy storage; Application of energy storage through integration with renewable generation and energy networks; Artificial Intelligence and energy storage; Energy storage for decarbonisation of heating and cooling; Energy storage for decarbonisation of transport.

Organizers: A.Sciacovelli, A. Fivga, Y. Li, H. Navarro, S. Sharma, Y. Wang, T. Zhang, L. Zimina

Chair: Y. Ding (Electro-Intrusion)

Speakers: A. Capozzoli, H. Chen, A. Cruden, X. Du , S. Garvey, D. Greaves, C. Grey, A. Henry, X. Li, Y.Li, C. Markides, J. McTigue, H. Patsios, J. Radcliffe, P. Shearing, W. Song, A. Vandersickel, S. Walker, j. Wang, W. Wu, C. Xie, M. Bahrami, P. Bruce, F. Bruno, A. Frazzica, Y. Grosu (Electro-Intrusion), F. Haglind, A. Lázaro, R. E. Guedez Mata, S. Mondal, H. S. Park, A. L. Pisello, A. Romagnoli, P. Taylor, A. Traverso, B. Venkatesh, J. Vidal, L. Wang, Y. Xuan, T. Okazaki, N. Brandon, S. Griffiths, C. L. Smith, A. Thess, K. Wang, Y. Zhao.

Electro-Intrusion: High Efficiency of Mobile Energy Recovery for EVs, W. Zhao et al.