Event “Research Meets Industry”

Event “Research Meets Industry”

On 4th March 2021 the Event entitled “Research Meets Industry” was held online.

The Event introduced 14 Future and Emerging Technology/EIC Pathfinder projects funded by the European Commission, including Electro-Intrusion.

The mission of FET BRIEFING is to bridge the FET innovation gap by bringing business, stakeholders and researchers together to explore the innovation potential of their research. The Event offers an exclusive opportunity for both business and the science community to meet and start up conversations in order to boost their innovation potential.

Organizers: F. Matteucci, A. M. Pantaleo, S. Pede, A. Rudl, G. Vicze, A. Balogh, M. Rossi, A. Vignati, X. PeI., G. Carella, S. Carosi.

Speakers: A. Datas, P. Johansson, J. A. Blázquez, A. J. Lucio, A. Cunningham, A. Kruth, R. Kriegel, J. P. Martínez-Pastor, J. R. G. Mascarós, I. Sen, A. Llobet, P. Potty, M. Modreanu, Y. Grosu (Electro-Intrusion), A. Milionis, D. R. Costa, M. Losurdo, J. Holmes, T. Maciel, E. Tatarova, B. Čechalová.

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