Conference Meeting “MOFs for energy and the environment Faraday Discussion ”

Conference Meeting “MOFs for energy and the environment Faraday Discussion ”

Faraday Discussions covers a variety of topics in rapidly developing areas of the physical sciences, with a focus on physical chemistry and its interfaces with other scientific disciplines. Furthermore, It is of interest to academic and industrial chemists across all areas of the chemical sciences.

Between 23rd and 25th June 2021 the Meeting entitled “MOFs for energy and the environment Faraday Discussion” was held online.

This meeting was intended for established scientists, postgraduate students, and industrial researchers interested in the area of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) and related materials. Given recent developments in this interdisciplinary field, including the emergence of MOFs whose applications and functional properties have led to their commercialization, the event allowed for in-depth discussions and opportunities to establish new collaborations.

The Faraday Discussion was organized into the following topics: Fundamental studies and design of MOFs, Applications of MOFs, Theory and modelling of MOFs, Commercialization of MOFs.

Organizers: M. Schröder, S. Yang, S. Humphrey, S. James, Q. Li, H. R. Moon.

Speakers: O. Yaghi, S. Kitagawa, F. X. Coudert, Y. Cui, D. D'Alessandro, P. Horcajada, C. Serre, B. N. Shustova, M. Zaworotko, D. Fairen-Jimenez, E. Griffiths, J. Washington, Z. Huang, H. Doan, R. Fucci, M. Attfield, S. Yang, H. R. Moon, C. Wang, M. Suyetin, E. Besley, P. Stanley, M. Dinca.